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Unconditional Love ~ Full Service Wedding Planning

For the Bride that wants it all:


Unconditional Love is the most comprehensive wedding plan available from K Squared Events & Design. We do it all...literally. Whether you're too busy to handle all of the explicit details of your wedding, or just want to make sure that everything goes according to your dream-day plans, our Unconditional Love is for you. Every single detail from start to finish is handled by K Squared Events & Design on your behalf.

Lasting Impressions ~ Partial Planning Service

For the hands-on Bride that needs a little help...


Our Lasting Impressions is typically ideal for the bride that is hands-on and proactive but still needs help with the details. Maybe you've already secured your venue or have begun working with a few vendors, but you are still unclear about how to execute and properly manage the subsequent steps. K Squared Events & Design will be a valued addition to your wedding preparation to make sure everything is where it needs to be at the appointed time.

Peace of Mind ~ Month of Wedding Service

For the do it yourself Bride that knows she can't do it all by herself...


Peace of Mind is typically a month worth of our services for those couples that have already planned the wedding and selected vendors, yet would like a professional planner to assist with last minute details, pre-ceremony events and to ensure that the ceremony is executed flawless. It allows the couple and their family and friends to relax and enjoy themselves during the last few weeks before the wedding and on the wedding day itself knowing a professional is handling all the last minute details.

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